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       Home                   Article Added on: May 3, 2002

    Overview: Query strings are a way to pass information with a link (url). Let's learn how to use query strings to pass information between PHP pages.

    Q: What are querystings
    Well querystring's are nothing but ordinary urls that have extra info (data) after the file name (Starts with a ? mark) basically A query string is the extra portion of the URL that appears after the question mark in a URL.

    A sample Query String url from PHPBuddy

    To explain you I will take an example, we will create 2 pages the first page will have links with query string and the second page with process the info in the query string.

    pageone.htmView Sample Output


    <a href=page_two.php?link=one>One</a>
    <a href=page_two.php?link=two>two</a>
    <a href=page_two.php?link=three>three</a>


    In the above example we have created 3 hyperlinks with querystring "link=one", "link=two", "link=three" now we will create page_two.php where we will retrive the contents of that querystring.


    $link = $_GET['link'];
    echo "You have clicked $link";

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